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Why iGEN Golf

Junior players often outgrow the lofts and lies, the weight of the head, flex of the shaft, and length of the club. That's where iGEN comes in.


Pat Dempsey

iGEN Golf CEO and Owner

Pat Dempsey has been part of the custom club business for more than 25 years, with experience building shaft and fittings on the PGA and tours.


Since working with devoted junior players for more than five years, he noticed a lack of detail and quality in junior clubs, not to mention how hard it made it for parents to know where to buy and how or what to do to keep their kids appropriately fitted. That's how iGEN was born. 

Not every player is the same

Most juniors struggle with getting a high enough ball flight without giving up the distance. The way iGEN is designed:

Technically, our CG (Center of Gravity) produces a higher and more penetrating and ball flight. 

Moreover, our sets can accommodate the high-hitting players with a lower ball flight.

The junior can make adjustments to get the distance they are looking for.  

iGEN went farther in distance in every test.


iGEN Irons

Generational forged irons with adjustable weight systems providing longer distance, less dispersion, and more workability.


iGEN Wedges

Approach short shots with precision and effectiveness. 

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