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We are proud to introduce the newest member to the iGEN GOLF TEAM - Short Game Expert - Trevor Schultz

Meet Golf's
"Mr. T"
Trevor Schultz

Golf Coach to the pros / D1 college golfers / AJGA winners / weekend warriors

Trevor Schultz grew up in Southern California's South Bay area and developed a passion for competitive golf at the age of nine. Spending countless evenings at a nearby range, he honed his skills under the guidance of coach Don Brown. During summers, he earned free range balls by picking them out of the mud at the range.

At 15, Trevor's family moved to San Dimas so he could be closer to his new golf coach, Will Neel, who had recently started his golf academy. Trevor later played for the University of California Riverside, contributing to multiple event victories.

After pursuing golf professionally for some time, Trevor decided to follow his dream of protecting others and joined the Los Angeles Police Department in 2011. He served in different divisions before retiring in 2021 to become a full-time golf coach.

Trevor's coaching philosophy centers on helping players improve their game and providing valuable life lessons. He enjoys adding new shots to his students' arsenal and guiding them through stressful situations, reminding them that their love for the game is what truly matters.

Throughout his coaching career, Trevor has worked with professionals from various tours, Division 1 golfers, juniors, and amateur players. He recently built his own short game facility for

in-person and online lessons.

Trevor is enthusiastic about joining the IGEN team, impressed by the quality of their products and inspired by Pat Dempsey's vision. He believes the IGEN wedge and iron set would have been a game-changer during his childhood, providing access to high-quality forged clubs and professional fitting without burdening parents with high costs due to their kids outgrowing equipment.

 "I’ve been lucky to work with some real studs. From people who play this game for a living, to D1 players, to the best junior golf has to offer, to teaching professionals and old dudes who are tired of yipping it around the greens. And now I am especially looking forward to meeting the young juniors of #teamigen  soon. We are going to rock the junior golf world!"  


see more of Trevor on instagram @trevorschultzgolf

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