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Tour  Shafts in Junior Flex


Recoil is the key.

During the swing, the shaft loads then unloads, causing it to oval.  It's this ovaling of the shaft walls that creates the spring effect which adds extra energy to the shaft.

The results are better feel, heightened accuracy and improved distance.

This shaft retails for $39.95"


Some details about the Recoil ESX Iron Shafts

"Having been a shaft rep on the PGA Tour, I know that selecting shafts can be confusing. I welcome and encourage you to contact me with any questions, so I can bring clarity and take the guesswork out of play.

I have tested many shafts for juniors for a long time, and made a decision to offer the most versatile and best performing shaft of the bunch.

The Recoil, by far, and so far, is the best all around."  Pat Dempsey

More Control and Feel

ESX = Enhanced Stability for more control and feel

Better Shot Control

The stiffer mid and butt help produce a better shot control.

Improved Trajectory

The Softer tip helps improve both the feel and the trajectory.

Improved Dispersion

These have a lower torque for a improved shot dispersion

Recoil ESX Iron Specifications

Now that you have selected your shafts, it's time to pick your grips >>

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