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iGEN Wedges

Nothing junior about these except the weight...

which you control!


With approved legal groves, and perfectly designed bounce,

your player will be able to roll out, stop, and back check, for the first time!

Play the Best - Be the Best

Get your iGEN Irons and Wedges

You are growing, and you need a set of clubs that can grow with you and help you master your accuracy a solid and perfect golf swing.

iGEN WEDGES  58*  54*  50*

iGEN Weight System

iGEN is an innovative generational forged iron with an adjustable weight system.

1gm Red, 2.5gm Black, 4gm Tungsten

The concept is to be able to reduce or add weight in small increments.

An iGEN allen wrench is included, allowing quick and easy adjustments, unlike any other iron and wedge on the market!

As illustrated below, you can position CG (center of gravity) weight using heavier or lighter weights to control ball flight, left or right. Same concept as swing weights in drivers. 

Photo below is slight "draw bias" 

Patented Weight System
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