Wedges with GRAPHITE Shaft $135 (Steel Shafts $120)

Wedges with GRAPHITE Shaft $135 (Steel Shafts $120)

iGEN was created to help young golfers be the best that they can be.

All weges come come with defualt 1gm weights (red)


  • More about iGEN WEDGES

    • lighter in weight so young golfers could develop a solid and perfect golf swing


    • a special "Weight System" that is simple and easy to use in just minutes. 3 different weights that can keep iGEN irons fitted and balanced percisely for years


    • Based on the way iGEN is designed, technically , our "CG", center of gravity, produces a higher and more penetrating ball flight.
      But not every player is the same, but these irons can accommodate the higher hitting player with a lower ball flight



    • We use "top rated" goft shafts that can be extended, up to 3"



    • GREAT Performance. longer distance, less despertion and more workability


    • They're Disruptive!


  • SPECS:

    LOFT Lie Offset Bounce



    58 62.0 1.5 10 65.0 283g
    54 62.0 1.5 14 65.0 279g
    50 62.0 1.5 8 65.0 275g
Wedge Loft
Shaft - Pick from Steel or Graphite
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