Forged Irons & Wedges
for Juniors

Patented and Proprietary Weight System

iGEN Irons

Generational forged irons with adjustable weight systems providing longer distance, less dispersion, and more workability.


iGEN Wedges

Approach short shots with precision and effectiveness. 

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As junior golfers grow, they end up needing at least 6 to 8 sets of junior irons
...but not anymore!..


The first forged & weight adjustable junior iron ever! Bendable for lofts & lies, with 3 different head weights. Not only can you custom fit your player when you get them, you can keep them fitted for years to come with the same set of

iGEN Irons & Wedges

iGEN irons saves you money

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iGEN offers the first & only junior irons & wedges that can be completely adjusted to accommodate the player as they grow.

Offering the junior golfer a set that is adaptable, comfortable, effective, and that allows them to develop a solid and perfect golf swing for years to come. 

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"I am the owner, designer, and builder of all iGEN golfclubs. Lets make this what it deserves...personal and custom. Email or call me"
Pat Dempsey